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Mobile Application Development

TechnoDreams Group is the mobile app development company. We have been working for 15 years in the IT market and our customers are satisfied with the collaboration and the results obtained. Our team is engaged in mobile application development for iOS and Android.

Programs in business have become more relevant than ever before, and all branches of enterprises need them. According to the statistics center, people spend their free time more on the phone than on the computer. Custom app gives you an opportunity to reach more customers. To achieve this, we offer to use our services of rapid development of multi-platform applications.

Our app developers offer you create app for: · Education;
· Finance;
· Cyber Security;
· Health service;
· Media and entertainment;
· Telecommunications;
· Travels;
· Hotel business;
· Other objectives you want

Some examples of mobile application development of our company:


1.Structuring of patients and doctors communication
2.Time saving
3.Proven doctors
4.The ability to recommend a doctor and get a second opinion
5.Better complience to treatment
6.Latest medical newsis a platform for connecting patients and doctors. Features of the project

The service opens new possibilities for users:

-        find only proven doctors
-        save time
-        talk to your doctor at a convenient time
-        keep the contacts of your doctors
-        recommend specialists
-        get medical news and health tips

Welt Welle(WeWe)

WeWe is the most modern, economical, secure, anonymous messenger.

Welt Welle - the world wave "made in Germany".

WeWe is a commercial product that works only for you and transmits messages only between subscribers.

Such a commercial approach excludes work in anyone’s interests other than yours.

WeWe protects all transmitted messages, files, videos and images to the latest standards.

Crystal clear sound, secure communication between subscribers is provided by advanced technologies and your payment.

The most complete anonymity

Each user of WeWe creates his own name, his profile. If you need a truly anonymous link - use only WeWe. For the regime of complete anonymity, there is no binding to any identifier such as mail or phone number. If you forget your data, they can’t be recovered. You can specify a mail for data recovery and use WeWe as a full-fledged phone and in cases of preventing the loss of your identification data.


MostVideo.TV is an application for watching an ultra-modern HD channel with an active lifestyle. On 4 independent channels you can watch a lot of live broadcasts, unique events from the life of society that you will not see anywhere except our channel. A modern notification system, an interactive TV program won’t let you miss an interesting event.