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Project «TAPAS»

The team of IE Krot specialists is the developers of an online service for transferring to the public domain the process of assigning sports titles from sports officially recognized in Ukraine for the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine. The service brings the process of awarding sports titles to the public sphere, from the application to the issuing of a certificate, with the opportunity for everyone to see what stage the application is at.

IE Krot proved himself as a reliable executor with a high professional level in the field of software development, provided timely feedback during communication, qualitatively performed the assumed duties and provided detailed reporting. The development of the online service was implemented in compliance with contractual obligations, within the terms determined by the parties in accordance with the requirements for the quality of service provision.

Ukrainian Handball Federation

Great gratitude to the TechnoDreams company for a significant personal contribution to the development of handball in Ukraine.

Let's do handball together!

Sincerely, the President of the Federation, Andrii Melnyk.

Kyiv, 2022

Eugeniy T.

Futures Trader, long short portfolio manager

TechnoDreams Group has developed a program similar to the Bloomberg terminal, but without user tracking and other problems presented by global solutions. The program helps investors and traders to accept the most accurate and probable trades in the presented sectors and industries.

Vyacheslav Lopushansky

Media Director of the BFU

Vyacheslav talks about the productive work of the Basketball Federation of Ukraine with the TechnoDreams IT team. Cooperation with the BFU has been going on since 2015, when the TechnoDreams team created a graphics package for automatic and manual management of statistical data that comes from scoreboard systems and BFU database servers in a live broadcast.

Ukrainian Dragon Boat Federation

Thank you for participating in the competition

Cup of Ukraine in rowing on Dragon boats

Memorial Cup of Oleksandr Lytvynenko, international class master of sports

Horishni Plavni, 2021.

Alexiy Efimov

A.S.Monaco Basket Directeur Éxécutif

Technodreams company was the one who has created and developed our website and I truly believe that thanks to their efforts their professionalism and their experience we've been known as one of the most successful basketball clubs in Europe in Europe in terms of marketing and especially digital marketing.

Oleg Sychev

Professor, Impressions Secretary, Doctor of Medicine

Thanks to the persistence and professionalism of TDG, the site was born our association. Everything is comfortable and convenient, thanks for the work.

Evgeniy Shevchuk

Project Manager Lekaris.com and Lekaris.TV

We work with the technodrims company with our high-tech service. Lekaris.com, as well as the Internet video channel Lekaris.TV. In our opinion, our biggest challenge is the development of a multifunctional service with a large number of servers, doctors and patients, applications for different platforms, as well as the latest technology, the TDG team developed very quickly, clearly and on time. And for several years successfully accompanies, solving the daily tasks of our innovative service.

Denis Perch

The Vice President WWFC

We thank TDG for the development and maintenance of our WEB portal. It is convenient and comfortable to work with TDG, we were offered innovative solutions in terms of Pay Per View, video graphics and docking our database with match controller data. Any emerging problems or ideas are resolved quickly and on time.

Dr. Tetiana Filiakova

Managing Director of Engineering Invest IF GmbH (Austria).

We have been working with TDG for more than 10 years. This is a highly professional team that can solve problems of any complexity, while ensuring comprehensive security for partners and customers with full protection of their rights. Services are carried out efficiently, around the clock and promptly, at a high methodological and technological level.
Attentiveness to partners, to their needs and the tasks they solve, instant reaction to emerging problems is a hallmark of a dynamically developing team!

We are pleased to recommend TDG and continue to work further!

Nick Kalinin

Ukrainian racer, multiple champion of Ukraine

I am Nikita Kalinin - Ukrainian motorcycle racer, multiple champion of Ukraine. The first Ukrainian to play in the MotoGP junior series is the RedBull Rookies Cup. Included in the Ukrainian Book of Records: “Ukrainian Breakthrough in MotoGPx” RedBul, I express my gratitude to TDG for the performance and support of my web - representation www.nickgp.com. Thank you for the clarity and efficiency in the creation and maintenance. We work together!